Teaching Lean Construction: Pontifical Catholic University of Peru Training Course in Lean Project & Construction Management. PROCEDIA ENGINEERING 123 pp85-93 2015

Tipo de publicación Articulo
Año de publicación 2015
Autor(es) Brioso, X.
Número de páginas 9

This paper describes the teaching strategies of the Lean Project & Construction Management Training Course, organized by the Civil Engineering Program of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, School of Science and Engineering, with the intention of inspiring other scholars and/or practitioners. It explains the Training Course objectives and content, as well as the principles, tools, techniques and practices of Lean Construction philosophy among others; it also includes the incorporation of management system tools and techniques that complement them. This paper also describes the lectures, workshops, and simulations made, as well as the feedback obtained from students’ collaborative work routines, among others. The success of the Training Course is reflected in the opportunities for improvement identified between editing and publishing, made possible through the feedback collected from participants.

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