Vibration-based nondestructive testing as a practical tool for rapid concrete quality control. Construction and Building Materials 104

Tipo de publicación Articulo
Año de publicación 2016
Autor(es) Aguilar, R., Ramírez, E., Haach, V. & Pando, M.
Número de páginas 181–190

his paper involves a practical approach to perform quality-control/quality-assessment of concrete using vibration-based NDT. The first component is the analysis of compressive strength and dynamic E-modulus of concrete samples from various construction projects. The second component involves continuous measurements of E-Moduli as a function of curing time in laboratory-controlled specimens. The experimental program allowed proposing a correlation to predict the expected static and dynamic E-modulus at 28 days from their measurement at any instant of the curing process. A similar relationship is proposed to predict compressive strength at 28 days based on the dynamic E-modulus measured at earlier ages.

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