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Benchmarking wastewater treatment plants under an eco-efficiency perspective.

The new ISO 14045 framework is expected to slowly start shifting the definition of eco-efficiency toward a life-cycle perspective, using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) as the environmental impact assessment method together with a system value…

Autor: Lorenzo, Y.; VAZQUEZ, I.; Amores, M. J.; Termes, M.; Marín, D.; Moreira, M. T. y Feijoo, G. Año: 2016

Casas Sismorresistentes y Saludables de Adobe Reforzado con Cuerdas

El adobe es un material de construcción muy común en el Perú y en el mundo. Lamentablemente, la mayoría de las casas que usan este material de forma tradicional (sin refuerzo sísmico) no está preparada…

Autor: Marcial Blondet y Julio Vargas Neumann Año: 2015

Decision factors for e-waste in Northern Mexico: To waste or trade. Resource Conservation and Recycling, 86 (1), pp. 93-106

Currently, around the globe, environmental and social problems derive from the inappropriate recycling of electronic products. Moreover, improper recycling is not the only issue to address in electronic products. Others include: energy intensity in their…

Autor: Jesús. A. Estrada-Ayuba, Ramzy Kahhat Año: 2014

Environmental profile of green asparagus production in a hyper-arid zone in coastal Peru

The Peruvian coast has developed a robust agricultural sector despite the low average rainfall thanks to the availability of water resources from rivers and groundwater. In fact, this area has become one of the main…

Autor: VAZQUEZ, I.; KAHHAT, R. F.; QUISPE, M. I. y Bentín, Año: 2016

Evolving materials, attributes, and functionality in consumer electronics: case study of laptop computers. Resource, Conservation and Recyling, 100, pp. 1-10.

here is increasing interest in assessing the environmental impacts of consumer electronics using methods such as life cycle assessment (LCA) and material flow analysis (MFA). Both assessment methods depend on quantifying the materials and parts…


Expanding the concept of sustainable seafood using Life Cycle Assessment

Fisheries management and sustainability assessment of fisheries more generally have recently expanded their scope from single-species stock assessment to ecosystem-based approaches, aiming to incorporate economic, social and local environmental impacts, while still excluding global-scale environmental…

Autor: VAZQUEZ, I Año: 2016
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